C12 : H22 : O11, 35"x44", mixed-media, acrylic, inkjet, wood, 2017

She’s flowing by us with her elegance, secretly, quietly. One day, we found traces on her skin, they have been there from the first second, not even a second. That’s where we met her, and where we will be. We are obsessed with her, gazing at her image constantly, up and down, sometimes we are lost. I remember, the week had flown by – where did it go while going here and there? Doing this and that? That morning I had a date with Time. I swear I will never forget, but will of course forget, her smile, the way she lay with me beneath the autumn sun, having breakfast together in a moment of silence as red and orange fall around us.

LES Gallery, New York, July 8 - July 31, 2017

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