You Lost Some Weight Soda Juice
11x8", 2018
The project Homeland Diary means to visualize the experience of immigrants through blur language boundaries when they are seeking a "homeland" by exploring and surviving in a new country/new countries. Being a non-english native speaker, original from Taiwan, I collected words while overhearing in public and took pictures at the time in New York City. The view always avoid the subjects as the adjustment of being one of the anonymous in the crowd and the cautious self-protection and constant exploration to this city. The color of burlap references ancient Papyrus and photo fragments create a visual diary as a trace of newcomer’s footsteps.
House Girlfriend Bottle Bro My Wife
22x49", 2018
One Year Babe Growing Gym Supermarket No1
34x25", 2018
One Year Babe Growing Gym Supermarket No2
34x25", 2018

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