Playground, 35"x44", mixed-media, acrylic, inkjet, wood, 2017

Now, climb on that yellow, I wanna climb on that yellow right now, then that blue. Now catch some clouds or blue or that plane. On the top of them, must be something fun. I look at my hands, look at my fingers and look at my finger prints. They say: "be careful!" Oh, my shadow squeezes into a small spot under me perfectly. I don't care where the sun is. I don’t care if it rises or not. I don’t care if night falls or not. I don't care if she is looking at me or not. I don't care if he is waiting for me or not. I don't care what I will see after closing my eyes and opening my eyes. I don't care who I will meet after closing and opening my eyes. Now, climb on that blue.

LES Gallery, New York, July 8 - July 31, 2017

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