I am excited to invite you to my first solo show this Saturday at Con Artist Collective in New York. I won People's Choice award for having this show and I will share my abstract mixed-media paintings involving digital prints and physical paints, which represent an observation and ongoing adjustment of two virtual worlds - perceptions of digital output and perceptions of physical forms.
The eight pieces of works during 20017 to 2018 are the temporary answers of personal investigation of time, which originally from my narrative oil paintings, turning into pure impressions of randomness and harmony. An Utopian expectation of dealing with sweetness and loss in the subject of time. I am pursuing that vulnerable balance. 
If you are in the city, please come join me!
One Night Only

/ Ruyin Tsai

THIS Saturday, Feb 17th, 2018 - 11am to 11pm  

GALLERY PARTY : Saturday, Feb 17th /// 7pm - 11pm  

Con Artist Collective & Gallery 
119 Ludlow St. New York, New York 10002

Ruyin Tsai
You Are A Nice Rat (Left), 2018
16"x16", mixed medium, inkjet print, painting on canvas
That night a note visited me. Like a flood sprawling from the center of brain vessels, paralyzing the smell of streets, the dread of absurdity, the helplessness of optimism. Gone. He has been hiding in those flat gaps as perfect as I forgot to unveil the dust. Just let it rot with our skin. But he has never been peeling, knocking my door with a familiar, sky blue, gentle tune and several pieces of fluffy clouds. Saucers were giggling, I brewed two cups of earl grey for us. I stretched my fingers to tip into the clouds from twenty years ago. I felt it, I couldn’t feel it.
Tabby (Right), 2018
35"x35", mixed medium, inkjet print, painting on canvas
That night the girl asked me for a dance. I knew all her canny sweet steps, chasing each other under the lemon sun, spinning around in the traces surrounded by spotted yellow orchids. I love every move of her rhythm, singing in beautiful words that I have never understood, never will I. I don’t understand why I am the only one grew up and she is my forever rains. Every raindrop is a piece of yellow orchid flower, penetrating my particles deeply through every vacant spirit. I felt it, I couldn’t feel it. I knew it, I couldn’t feel it.

About Ruyin Tsai
Ruyin Tsai is a Brooklyn based artist, originally from Taiwan, with an MFA in Digital Arts at Pratt Institute. She is the current resident of Trestle Gallery and former winter resident in Con Artist Collective. Ruyin is interested in contradictions and complications, using absurdity to point at the dilemmas of the world humans perceive. Her work is a conversation between hybrid species of digital images and physical elements, conveying the facts and doubts with a sense of alienation. She creates a thin piece of silent candy paper warping the lasting resistance against the existence of systems and individual, shouting a tiny intricate desire to be set free.
ruyin.tsai@gmail.com /// @ruyintsai

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